Center for Transnational Law

CENTRAL is a research facility at the University of Cologne School of Law, Germany. It is devoted to the research, teaching and study of transnational commercial law, the "new lex mercatoria". It operates at, a unique research tool on transnational commercial law for academics and practitioners.

Research and teaching at CENTRAL is also devoted to private dispute resolution in international business, including mediation and arbitration. In 2006, CENTRAL has published a unique teaching and learning package on Alternative Dispute Resolution, which combines a real life Case Study, a Handbook, a DVD-ROM with videos of negotiation, mediation and arbitration sessions and an internet homepage (

Every year, CENTRAL, in cooperation with the German Institution of Arbitration (DIS), organizes two parallel Summer Academies on International Business Negotiation/Mediation and Arbitration.

Professor Klaus Peter Berger and the whole CENTRAL-Team

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